Annalisa Hunter

To sum up Annalisa in a single word would be a challenge. Clients have offered a range of enviable descriptions such as fiery, energetic, funny, ethical, and straight-talking - to name just a few. However, the one word that is always consistent when it comes to Annalisa is committed - to her co-workers and her clients.

Annalisa's experience is as diverse as the words used to describe her. She has gained over 10 years experience working in events planning, reputation management and marketing. In that time, she's worked with leading organisations such as Vodafone, Northgate HR, Capital Consulting, IHC, Moorepay, and MaST International. In each of these roles, she has prided herself on delivering marketing and reputation management strategies that enable her clients to succeed.

Annalisa first got involved in PR when she was only six years of age, taking part in her local SOS (Save our School) campaign to keep her village school afloat. Growing up in a small village, she thrived in a community of people that always knew her name. That's why she works hard to achieve the same recognition for Potential Squared on an international level.

"When I first fell in love with Potential Squared, it was as a freelance PR consultant," says Annalisa. "What made the company different was the people and the dedication they would show to organisations and individuals alike."

Since starting with Potential Squared, Annalisa's role has expanded significantly from PR, spanning both marketing and corporate infrastructure. In her words, "I wanted to feel part of a large team and have a real 'voice' in how the company grew. I did then, and I still do now."