Colin Hunter

For Colin, success is measured by the quality of long-term relationships he forms. As he says himself, "no man is poor that has friends." That's not to say Colin doesn't appreciate the commercial side of business — his track record proves he does. He always puts creating successes for clients and ‘paying it forward’ as his first priority.

For the past decade, Colin has worked in the field of commercial behavioural change, specialising in transforming attitudes and performance. He prides himself on being 'refreshingly direct' and following a 'profit is freedom' mindset. This has led to long-standing business relationships with clients including Levi Strauss & Co., Barclays, Claridge's, Reed Exhibitions, The Lloyds Group, Accenture and The Nielsen Company. The direct approach he takes to managing world leading brands has led to strong stories of success and change.

"I believe all commercial leaders need to actively work on their own brand. This means developing the art of refreshingly direct conversations and harnessing the power of others' perceptions and opinions," says Colin. "Many of us feel the need to trade personal values to succeed in a business. I disagree and strive for a healthy balance. With Potential Squared, I have found it."

When you meet Colin, you'll be quick to recognise his direct, energised style that acts as a positive catalyst for change. And not only does he arrive for every meeting ready to make change, he arrives on time - and then some. "I have a quirk of arriving early for work and appointments," he says. "I find the mind space (enhanced with caffeine) works wonders every time.


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