Kathy Stiff
Authentic and genuine with an intuitive rapport, Kathy’s personality balances a light touch with an inner core of steel. These prove invaluable qualities on a daily basis as her work brings her into contact with everyone from frontline personnel to the most senior executives. With a strong belief that the customer is not always right, she enjoys constructive debate and exhibits an expertise clients value highly; especially when it comes to pushing back on their approach to customer service.

Starting out on Sainsbury’s Graduate Management Scheme in 1979, Kathy has gone on to build a vast and practical experience in strategy, operations and customer service. Even then, her exemplary dedication was clear to see, going so far as to learn a secret butchers’ dialect to communicate with her team. She has never lost this passion for learning new things which is why she finds working with people who want to develop themselves to be so much of a privilege and a pleasure.

Working across private and public sectors, Kathy is a leading light in the customer service world. Operating as a coach, consultant and trainer, her client list includes the BBC, Paradigm Housing Group, Barclays, Pitney Bowes, Boots, Accenture and Johnson and Johnson. As an accredited SDI® facilitator and certified NLP practitioner, Kathy loves to support people in understanding their personal impact before affecting real behavioural change. She is also a sought after conference speaker, talking frequently about the rights (and wrongs) of service delivery.

"My focus on language and its ability to influence customers underpins my work," says Kathy. "It’s remarkable the difference that effective mapping of the customer journey, measuring of customer satisfaction and managing of complaints can have on an organisation and its level of success."