Andrew Deller

Andrew knows first hand the power that can be had from exploding one's personal choices and how those choices can alter your future.  After all, he experiences this for himself during a development programme some six years ago - a programme that changed his life.

Andrew has gained over 15 years of commercial experience, specialising in designing and delivering a wide range of change initiatives within the Financial Services industry. During this period, he spent 4 years living and working in sub-Saharan Africa where he was responsible for the successful alignment of a Western European organisational culture into four locally-led banks.

Today, Andrew strives to understand the organisational and commercial drivers that exist as he seeks to bring about effective and lasting change.  He has worked with organisations spanning the telecoms, financial services, automative, academic and engineering industries.  His current client relationships include the design of a market-leading development programme for a global internal audit function, and the coaching and facilitation of Board members for a civil engineering firm.

"I joined Potential Squared because I love working with clients who are focused on achieving more for themselves with the resources that they have at their disposal," says Andrew.  "It's a highly rewarding experience knowing that I have made the choice to do this every day."