Teresa Hill

For Teresa, the best thing about her role at Potential Squared (apart from all the great, like-minded people) is the opportunity it gives her to really make a difference.

An experienced professional coach and facilitator, Teresa has worked across the private, public and voluntary sectors for over 20 years. She has also taken advantage of the opportunity to work around the world, including in the UK, Europe and the US. Used to dealing with all levels of leadership, Teresa’s roles have ranged from designing and delivering global company-wide programmes to supporting the individual development of leaders.

Teresa provides developmental experiences that bring about sustainable change and deliver exceptional performance. With a strong focus on self-discovery and experiential learning, her approach centres on building self-awareness, creating new insights and prompting action. In addition to working extensively with leaders in transition, she also uses her experience to teach, coach and mentor other coaches in organisational settings.

"I am a passionate believer that the most powerful lessons are learnt across life’s journey. Every day, I get the chance to help people achieve self-awareness and bring about personal change while on that journey. What could be more satisfying than that?" says Teresa.