George Clarke

In 2014, Potential Squared was quick to snap up a talented Northumbria University graduate who is now an integral member of our Asia Pacific team.  “Potential Squared’s brand is based on living the value of refreshingly direct and challenging the status quo.  Working in an environment where this mindset is a necessity, rather than a choice, was too good an opportunity to miss,” declares George.

With a firm ethos built around interrogating the aims and purposes of every project, George’s first step is always to ask ‘why?’  His belief that asking the right questions leads to in-depth understanding of the context and definition of the challenge is just one of the many reasons he is highly valued by his colleagues.  

George’s passion for innovative ideas has seen him drive key internal projects such as Potential Squared’s ’90 day sprint’ mindset and the growth of the Hong Kong office.  Focusing on delivering service excellence, George co-ordinates projects across Asia for clients such as Prudential, Accenture, Black Rock, Fidelity and HSBC.  He says, “my aim is to quickly develop an authentic, collaborative relationship with clients.  This creative partnership, built on a strong foundation of trust and challenge, is the best way to deliver fantastic programmes.”

George measures success by the impact Potential Squared has on individuals and teams.  “We want participants to walk away from a Potential Squared programme with a sense that they have been inspired to improve, innovate and effect change, both individually and as a team,” summarises George.