Simon Westwood

Simon prides himself on facilitating breakthroughs.  And so he should.  As a qualified SDI practitioner and an experienced leadership and change consultant, he takes a fun and focused approach when challenging the attitudes and perceptions that hold leaders back.  It works.  So well, in fact, he has been delivering high quality communication and behavioural skills training for over 15 years.

Simon’s career began at the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.  An alumnus and professional actor, he went on to appear on stage and in film, TV and radio.  In 2002, he seized the opportunity to become an enthusiastic and committed business role player before building on this skill set to become and invaluable member of our consultant team.  Today, his client list spans sectors, countries and cultures and includes BAA, HSBC, Accenture, BBC, City Universities, Standard Chartered Bank and Lonza.

When it comes to helping people understand the power of communication and changing behaviour, Simon believes in doing things by design rather than by chance.  With Potential Squared, he is driven by bringing out the best in people and helping their continual development, whatever the issues and whatever their role.

“Seeing people and situations move forward through a combination of awareness, the courage to try something new and the application of feedback is inspiring,” says Simon.  “I love helping people to see their knowledge and skills growing in real time.”