At Potential Squared, we recognise the importance on innovation. This isn’t just something we recommend our clients do, it’s something we practice ourselves, each and every day. Innovation is often defined as a ‘new method, idea or product’, however there’s a lot more to it than simply creating something ‘new’. To be innovative you need to develop and introduce fresh solutions that respond to a changing market’s needs.

We’ve introduced a brand new way to do this, which we’re calling Design House. An investment in how we think as an organisation, it will provide our clients with the means to stay one step ahead.

Displaying innovation

Design House is focused on the process of innovation, whether that relates to a new product, service or concept. In the same way that Google’s Android technology allows you to access, inform and build upon technological advances, we harness our knowledge and ideas so that we can share them with our clients to develop more innovative solutions. We’re bringing great minds together to create something refreshingly innovative and completely new.

We’re bringing great minds together to create something refreshingly innovative and completely new.

We display an innovative approach in everything we do. For example, our programme Executive Presence is designed around a model which continually adapts to meet the needs of our clients. By directing our client’s energy into replicating a consultant and coach mentality, we help leaders speak with greater authority and grow their ability to achieve their goals. The flexible approach to Executive Presence has received such positive feedback and been so well received that it has now grown to become one of our core services that we offer worldwide.

Pushing intellectual boundaries

With Design House, our aim is to open up the innovation experience to as many minds as possible. First, we bring together a broad group of people from a particular sector and create a virtual team who share ideas and thoughts. The whole group then jointly produces a priority list of products and services that we require, and set up a global team who are responsible for developing them over time. Myself, Tom Heywood, Kevin Wort and Paul Whitman are on hand throughout, to play a guiding, principle role from start to finish.

Participating members of Design House sign up to contribute to a topic for three years, and commit to ‘bring something new to the party’ before taking anything away. Once this ideas stage graduates to the creation stage, members are then allowed to use what has been developed with their own clients, without paying a licence fee. This comes in appreciation of their active, contributory role during the design process.

Being innovative often demands a leap of faith. Because Design House is essentially an exercise in knowledge sharing, we place a great deal of trust in our employees and associates, while asking them to do the same in return. This allows us to work as one and focus the accumulated results into a combined innovative solution. At the same time, it clearly demonstrates to our clients our process for coming up with new ideas. Having taught innovation for years, ironically, for us innovation isn’t new at all.

For more information about how we bring innovative ideas to life within our organisation and across those of our clients, contact us today.