The most precious resource for any organisation is people. At a time when industries are changing rapidly, it’s vital to discover new ways to attract, develop and retain the people who will support your organisation to thrive.

The Potential Squared approach involves a blend of technical skills and behaviours. Our aim in launching the Capability Book Club is to create a forum for discussing all of these.

For us, the most highly functioning individuals and teams are the ones that are driven by a strong sense of purpose. Social psychologist Dan Cable takes this a step further: happy people have the space to continually explore and learn, he argues. And it doesn’t take vast overhauls to enable this. Meaningful impacts can come through making small but effective adjustments.

As Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the London Business School, Cable brings in-depth knowledge, combined with real-world stories and his own research to his books. The results are both thoughtful and practical, asking the big questions and - importantly - proposing actionable solutions.

Described by Daniel H. Pink as “well-researched and eminently practical… an essential read for leaders at every level”, we commence the Capability Book Club with Dan Cable’s Alive At Work.

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