What’s holding you back from creating an edge in your organisation or team?  Many of our clients tell us:

  • ‘We are struggling to encourage our people to take risks and think creatively’
  • ‘We want to build an innovation culture but don’t know where to start’
  • ‘Our organisation and work is largely virtual, with teams unable to collaborate on design projects’

Innovation and design thinking are driving the key disruptors. Delve into what these terms really mean with Colin Hunter (Potential Squared), and hear from Andrew Webster (ExperiencePoint) and a guest organisation about how they successfully embedded an innovation culture. Learn about the power of internal catalysts, how they built capability and importantly their failures along the way. 

During a fast-paced morning session, you’ll also be introduced to Adam Billing (TreeHouse Innovation) and Sprintbase, the online platform for virtual design thinking that helps teams collaborate more effectively on industry-shaping innovations. Take the opportunity to ask questions of the expert panel, connect with fellow innovators and start driving an edge that will set you apart from the competition.

Join us for free at the Sustainable Innovation Culture Event in London, on Thursday 7 March 2019.