For one of my first Huffington Post columns, I turned a spotlight on Jerry Porras, the co-author of international business bestseller Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies. The book focuses on how leaders can build and maintain a successful company and how the company’s success can – and should - outlive its leaders. Co-written by Porras and Jim Collins, it is the result of a six-year research project.

I spoke to Porras about his motivations for writing the book, which he says was an, “evolutionary process, which began with a series of discussions.” The book’s success – it has sold over one million copies worldwide – could be attributed to the fact that it combines the academic skills of Porras with the business experience of Collins, a solid foundation from which to advise. Built to Last goes even further by focusing on “great organisations and then explor[ing] what their leaders look like.”

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