“We’ve been working with Potential Squared for about six years,” says Adam Billing, founder of Treehouse Innovation. This partnership is unusual, because in many ways the two organisations could be seen as competitors. But it works. As Adam puts it, “we come at innovation in a different but complimentary way.”

Treehouse are the designers behind Sprintbase, a platform that connects global teams to support innovation after the workshops. In other words, it helps modern organisations translate innovation practice into their daily work.

“Sprintbase is a virtual platform that guides teams step by step through a design thinking process,” explains Adam. “It’s not just a place to collaborate – it gives teams the tools, techniques and methods to apply design thinking effectively and get to a great outcome, while reinforcing a lot of things they were introduced to during the learning experience.

“The workshop environment is important for kicking things off. Sprintbase provides the reflection time that really brings out different creative styles.”

Considering that 83% of professionals now work on a globally distributed team, being able to tap into that difference has previously been a challenge. There is a principle in innovation that you need to access a diverse range of perspectives, but as Adam says, “often people with diverse perspectives aren’t based in one location. We need to draw from different offices in different regions and bring them together, and the difficulty of physically bringing groups together from around the world has meant in practice that this often doesn’t happen.

“What we’ve discovered is that when you can involve people who are usually not involved, then what you get are some valuable voices that you wouldn’t have heard otherwise.”

Treehouse Innovation is an ideal partner for Potential Squared – and the benefit is mutual. Adam says, “for us it’s extremely valuable to be partnering with an organisation that delivers the leadership piece, gets the reality of innovation in the field, is also a font of fresh ideas and fresh thinking, and a pleasure to work with.”

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