We all enjoy a spring clean every once in a while – but when it comes to de-cluttering our minds, many of us struggle. This means that when things get tough, they seem to get really tough. This isn’t a coincidence. Jamie Smart, author of Clarity: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results, believes that by clearing our minds we become more able to “focus, solve problems and succeed.”

At first it seems like common sense – clear your mind and your thoughts in turn become clearer, making tasks easier to manage. However, in reality, thinking about clarity and achieving it are two very different things. Smart has the upper hand on this. His background is in coaching, during which time he developed the “Innate Thinking Model” – an approach to high performance, resilience and innovation which recognises that leaders in every field have the ability to profit from clarity.

This is where the inspiration for Smart’s debut book initially came from. He believes that clarity is the “mind’s natural state”. The book is made up of an eight-part blueprint which deals with each benefit to be had from clarity. What sets it apart from similar titles is its focus on achieving results.

Perhaps the one thing that makes this book so appealing is the fact that at one time or another, regardless of what level we are at in the workplace, we could all use a little more clarity. When we are able to clear our minds, we increase our confidence and creativity – and for that reason clarity is clearly a clever option.