When I first started blogging, many years ago, I referenced a seminal book called The Trusted Advisor. In that blog, I wrote about the way in which Potential Squared holds sessions on trust that are framed on the teachings of the book. It occurred to me that, in addition to the gains that can be earned by attending these sessions, anybody who wants to succeed in their chosen industry should get their hands on a copy of this important work.

The premise of Maister’s book is that professional success owes as much to being able to earn people’s trust as it does to your technical proficiency in your chosen discipline. By paying attention to actions as well as words, Maister unravels the mystery behind building confident, trusting business relationships. The book includes a practical five-step development process that promotes client engagement; a four-phase investigation that breaks down and explains what is actually going on in client/advisor relationships; and equations that make his concepts easier to remember and understand.

Earning trust is one of those skills many people will tell you ‘can’t be taught’. This book proves them wrong. Although trust is a somewhat ethereal quality that can be hard to pin down, The Trusted Advisor manages to chop it up into manageable, bite-size chunks that are easy to negotiate, providing tried and tested methods to help focus your efforts.