So what’s the story of Potential Squared?

Let’s start with the name. My wife and I were mulling over possible names but nothing seemed to fit.   Annalisa turned to me and suggested that I needed to have a bit more positivity about the whole process. Suddenly I came up with Positivity Squared, which led us to Potential Squared. Potential, and the Squared nature of it, means that to square your potential, or to have your potential realised, you need to take risks.

What risks have you taken as a business?

Potential Squared was born out of a desire to build a business that lived and breathed what it preached to its clients. We’re a brand that is always seeking improvements and modifications to push ourselves to our fullest potential, just as we push our clients.

One of our key beliefs on the innovation side is ‘fail fast to succeed sooner.’ In the beginning, we had a fear of failure, then we had a fear of expansion; fear ruled our lives. But we soon realised that working with fear and using it to motivate was in the DNA of our business.

This is what we delve deep into when we’re working with people on either our Personal Brand course or our Leadership Profile and Essence programme. We see ourselves as ‘professional irritants’ who challenge our clients as much as we challenge ourselves – as a business and as individuals.

What’s next?

Most recently, we’ve gone through an insightful brand review and we’ve changed our website and our approach to marketing it. Change is permanent and we are the masters of evolution. It’s an exciting time.