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Transforming as a Centered Leader with Charlene Li

In this episode of the Leadership Tales podcast, Colin interviews Charlene Li, a brilliant analyst, researcher, and author who is best know for her work in digital transformation and disruption. Her book “The Disruption Mindset” helps leaders develop a strategy for disruptive growth, which she describes as a plan to identify and seize an opportunity no one else has the audacity or confidence to reach for.  Charlene has been at the forefront of transformation in a number of industries during her career, and has fascinating insight from where she’s been and where she is today.

Charlene and Colin discuss the transformative impact that social media has on interpersonal relationships while acknowledging its flaws, the power of generative AI and how it’s changing the world, and the importance of vulnerability. What I was most drawn to in this episode was Charlene’s thoughts about being a centered leader, somebody who has this ability to work in liminal spaces, which is the difference between the known and the unknown. Tune in to hear how you can apply this thinking to your own leadership!

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