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Exploring the World of Internal Audit with Liz Sandwith

In this episode of the Leadership Tales podcast, Colin interviews Liz Sandwith, an expert in internal audit. Liz brings a unique perspective, both from her extensive experience in internal audit across multiple industries and from her upbringing in a service family, which exposed her to various cultures and locations around the world. 

This episode highlights Liz’s broad perspective in addressing not only internal audit and finance issues, but also the multifaceted role of leaders, the importance of understanding our responsibilities, and how she applies her learnings in her work with the association. Liz also opens up about a small incident that shaped her leadership approach and mindset, highlighting the impact of her father’s support and patience. 

Whether you’re in finance, internal audit, or risk compliance, this conversation is packed with valuable takeaways that go beyond the usual topics. Don’t miss out on this enriching discussion! 

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