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Navigating the Relationship between Sales and Content with Morgan J. Ingram

In this episode of the Leadership Tales podcast, Colin sits down with Morgan J. Ingram, a top voice on LinkedIn and expert in content, sales, and marketing. 

Morgan shared his expertise on how to effectively communicate and present oneself in the sales process, as well as the need for training and equipping individuals with the skills to confidently talk about themselves and their products. He also discusses the importance of narrative, messaging, and content in the sales process, and weighs in on the best practices for creating compelling content today. Lastly, Morgan touched upon the balance between sales and marketing through a fascinating analogy to UFC, which highlighted the importance of fighting for that balance and taking the leap to excel in both areas.

Listeners will hear valuable insights and tips on how to improve your content process and sales strategy, so don’t miss this fascinating conversation with Morgan J. Ingram!

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