VR Assessment

Talent Assessment & Selection powered by Virtual Reality

Struggling to make rapid and robust recruitment decisions in a virtual world?

You shouldn't have to settle for dated talent assessment tools, designed for an analogue world.

VR Assessment

Work with us to deliver assessment experiences:

Powered by Jenson8, global pioneers in VR

Real-time data

Virtual hiring and promotion decisions

VR Development Centres

" There is only one word for the experience - awesome!"

Development Centres powered by Virtual Reality

" There is nothing virtual about the experience... its real"

Develop these areas with the latest Virtual Reality technology:

VR Assessment - Leader Assessment

Leader Assessment Recruitment & Promotion

Leader Assessment Recruitment & Promotion

Enable data rich decisions around hiring and promotion of leaders with real time data and insights.

VR Assessment

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Enable successful succession plans through assessment in an immersive experiential world.

VR Assessment

Team Assessment

Team Assessment

Assess and develop leadership, business and project critical teams in an engaging environment.

VR Assessment

Downsizing or Restructuring

Downsizing or Restructuring

Enhance your organisational design decisions with rich, robust data.

VR Assessment - Subject Matter Experts Assessment

Subject Matter Experts Assessment

Subject Matter Experts Assessment

Assess and develop the core habits and behaviours of subject matter experts in a truly engaging way.

Discover how Virtual Reality can future proof your Leadership Development.

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Workers are becoming more mobile, contingent and autonomous... In this new world of work, organisations need to reimagine the way they manage people, to make themselves relevant

How it works

Insightful Design

1. Insightful Design

We'll co-create an assessment centre experience with you, ensuring it recreates the challenges your leaders will face on a daily basis.

Immersive Delivery

2. Immersive Delivery

We'll co-deliver with your team, bringing the experience to life with the latest Virtual Reality Technology, powered by Jenson8.

Measurable Impact

3. Measurable Impact

Future proof your hiring and promotion decisions, reduce attrition and hiring costs and create a "game changing candidate experience

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