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Assessment Centres - Key Skill Research

Leadership Development powered by Virtual Reality

Are you being challenged to bring impactful and experiential leadership learning into the virtual world?

Virtual reality goes beyond sight and sound, enabling leaders to have a truly immersive learning experience.

VR Leadership Development

Work with PotentialSquared to create immersive and data-rich virtual reality leadership programs.

Powered by Jenson8, global pioneers in VR

Real-time insights applied to develop new leadership habits and approaches

Access rich data captured in real-time through the VR experience

Development Centres powered by Virtual Reality

" "This is more than just digital - its experiential""

Innovation VR solutions

" "Amazing and a step change for learning and development""

Develop these areas with the latest Virtual Reality technology:



Virtual assessment of teams in an immersive environment gives leaders insights and habits to thrive in the real world!

Decision Making

Decision Making

Learn how to shape yours and your team's decision making and resilience in an under pressure, complex, immersive experience



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Leading Change

Leading Change

Assess and develop your leadership skills in leading change in a complex, shifting but psychologically safe immersive group environment

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

: Assess and develop your coaching and mentoring in an under pressure, immersive engaging environment that accelerates growth.



Learn the systems and habits that leaders use to enhance collaboration in their teams and across organisations - through an immersive, challenging experience.

Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety

Developing the leadership habits and systems that create psychological safety in teams - in an immersive, engaging experience

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Explore in a safe, immersive experience how to assess and develop your conscious decision making leadership skills that will shape inclusive vibrant cultures

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Real Time Feedback on Leadership Impact

We believe that insightful, objective data is essential for the success and credibility of your talent development process.

We believe that insightful, objective data is essential for the success and credibility of your talent development process.
To ensure you have the data you need to present back leadership impact, we have created the Pi2 Leadership diagnostic and embedded the measurement into the Jenson8 platform and in the Pi2 Assessment; Pi2 has received industry recognition from ATD (2020) and Brandon Hall (2019). We love using this measurement system to help our clients prove the impact of their hard work and dedication to developing talent.
Check out the case studies below to read some of our client stories…

Our Case Studies

atd awards

ATD Leadership Excellence

BrandonHall Awards

Brandon Hall Awards 2019

Developed more than



In over






Workers are becoming more mobile, contingent and autonomous... In this new world of work, organisations need to reimagine the way they manage people, to make themselves relevant

How it works

Insightful Design

1. Insightful Design

We'll co-create a development experience with you, ensuring it aligns with your existing strategy and internal frameworks.

Immersive Delivery

2. Immersive Delivery

We'll bring the experience to life with real actors, highly experienced coaches and the latest digital tools to challenge your people.

Measurable Impact

3. Measurable Impact

Your people will leave with a practical set of actions, deeper knowledge of their strengths and the confidence to do the best work of their career.

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