Leadership Development Academies

Finding the "wow'

Are you struggling to find the “wow” in your leadership development programs?

It is tough building experiences that are measurable, and focus on all leadership levels:  from entry, and emerging leaders through to executives.

P2 Academies are the most personalised Leadership Development experience we offer.

Academies are an immersive, intense ‘hothouse’ for whole tiers of leadership – or for groups of leaders identified as high-potential.

Our leadership development programs are built in collaboration with you. They will help your business...

The Pi2 Leadership Diagnostic

An award-winning leadership assessment tool, the Pi2 has been developed in close partnership with our clients over the past 20 years.

Providing meaningful insight into leadership behaviour and performance, the Pi2 combines a powerful 360⁰ process which elicits direct feedback from a leaders’ peers, direct reports, and line-managers.  It also offers an opportunity for other engaged stakeholders to input.

Individuals receive a detailed report, that enables them to understand their leadership style, their strengths, and their development areas more deeply.