The heart and the soul of a company is creativity and innovation.
— Bob Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive of The Walt Disney Company

An innovative mindset

Creating edge

Innovation goes beyond simply creating new products. It's the vitality that runs through an organisation's people. Developing and introducing new products, services and practices is essential, but it’s an organisation’s culture that keeps it feeling fresh and inspiring to its customers. We challenge people to think and operate innovatively, to draw on the full extent of their observation, insight and experimentation – even when the pressure is at its most intense.

Innovation and risk

Striking the right balance

Whether you target 'right first time' or believe in 'fail early to succeed sooner', the crucial factor is that you learn by taking risks. We reduce that fear of failure, instilling the need to be more decisive, encouraging people to trust their instincts and not be afraid to stand out from the crowd. To make the right decisions you need to risk making the wrong decisions. We build people's appetite for risk by encouraging them to think and act more confidently.

Our products drive competitive edge

    • Design Thinker – A simulation that brings to life the innovative mindset and behaviours required to deliver edge. Competitive teams learn how to recognise, design and inspire great ideas
    • Innovation Talent Programme – A six month programme built on the concept of Design Thinker that delivers innovative commercial solutions. Groups of talented individuals are coached and mentored to win sponsorship and funding for their ground-breaking ideas
    • Innovative Culture – Delivers the leadership skillset and toolkit needed to create a sustainable, innovative culture at the heart of teams, functions and organisations. Approaching innovation from the inside out

      Restlessly dissatisfied

      Pushing the boundaries

      Our programmes and consulting reflect our innovative outlook. We constantly take risks by trying new approaches and work closely with our clients to learn from the results. This allows us to adapt our programmes to better meet their needs. This restlessly dissatisfied attitude is central to how we operate. By creating a laboratory mindset we respond to our clients' changing requirements – offering innovative insights and leading by example.

      Inspired Action

      The benefit of active clarity

        Knowing the theory will only take you so far. We take those theories and bring them to life. We simulate different scenarios and approaches across a wide selection of case studies, so that our clients get the chance to act out real life situations and events. This allows them to practice behaving as clearly as they think. Using professional actors, we work with our clients to embed instinctive, agile behaviours that enhance their ability to affect change and innovation. Our sessions provide a safe environment to put theory into practice.

          I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
          — Thomas Edison, Inventor

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