I want to put a ding in the universe.
— Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple

Agitating for the future

Confidence, conviction and connection

Leaders need to ignite their teams and fuel fires inside their people. Understanding what they want to stand for, and drive for, is an essential starting point. People follow people for a purpose – a clear why. Leaders create their own future – they don’t live with a victim mindset. We give leaders the confidence to create an organisation which lives and breathes their purpose and direction.

Leadership presence

Making a lasting and authentic impact

Having the right presence as a leader is as important as the message you want to deliver. Agility in dialling up and down gravitas and prominence in the heat of challenging times is what we instil in leaders. From first time leaders to executives, the refreshingly direct audit of impact in visual, vocal and message is a career and life changer. From the first minute to the last, our consultants provide an insightful mirror.

Our programmes drive competitive edge

  • Executive Presence – Flexes leadership presence by dialling up and down the gravitas of  leaders. Delivered globally the product always achieves exceptional feedback, scoring an average of 4.5 or above out of 5
  • Leadership Development Programmes – Based on our I, We and Winning leadership model, we create a mindset and skillset that lights fires under backsides and in bellies, in equal measure
  • Future Leaders – Transforming local talent to deliver global operations requires investment. Our programme bridges gaps in capability and mindset brought on by geographic and cultural differences, providing proven results

Developing leaders

Creating stretching and safe environments

Our clients tell us that our track record for delivering outstanding leadership development programmes is because they feel just like real life. We use fast-paced simulated exercises and tailored case studies that create stretching and safe environments, to replicate their challenges. Each programme features an exceptional, refreshingly direct delivery team formed from our high calibre consultants and business role players. At the heart of their success is how we integrate our client executives, line managers and outside leadership experts.

Leadership pipelines

Future proofing your leadership

Organisations need to constantly refresh their structures and leadership pool. After all, outstanding leaders move on and even loyal leaders eventually retire. We have extensive experience in establishing robust leadership pipelines. Whether identifying skill gaps, advising on leadership culture or designing and delivering outstanding development programmes – we understand what it takes for our clients ‘to make a ding in the universe’ through their leaders.

    Only three things happen naturally in organisations: friction, confusion and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership.
    — Peter Drucker, Author and Social Ecologist

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