Transform your Leaders

We believe in empowering leaders and organizations to thrive in today’s dynamic and challenging business landscape. Our immersive and measurable experiences can future-proof leaders and their teams, concentrating on building the strengths of their skills, habits and systems.  

Our immersive experiences are built using professional actors, real-world case studies and cutting-edge coaching methodologies to ensure transformative learning journeys. 

Since 2001, we have had the privilege to work across the world with a variety of organizations in different industries, creating long-standing partnerships with clients such as Pictet, Rothschilds, Santander, ICE: NYSE, Akamai Technologies, Accenture and many more. 

PotentialSquared operates globally, in person and virtually. 

Here at PotentialSquared we believe in measuring our leadership through the strength of our systems.

We define systems as “a defined set of principles, practices and habits that are applied to specific activities to achieve a specific result”.

Through over two decades of experience, we have developed our 5 Systems of Inspired Leadership model to help strengthen leaders’ skills and capabilities.

The model has a purpose-built 360° assessment tool, providing an opportunity to get feedback for measurement against development.

“We don’t rise to the level of our goals. We fall to the level of our systems.”

James Clear

Our Approach

Award-winning experiences

We design award-winning experiences through our tried and tested methodology where we prime and immerse leaders, creating a safe-space for leaders to practice and receive in-the-moment feedback of their impact.

  • Prime: Taking leaders through an activity or exercise that teases out existing mindsets, behaviours, and tendencies.
  • Immerse: Dive deep into the skills and content that exist in the leadership systems.
  • Practice: Provide opportunities for leaders to practice and immediately apply new skills, using professional business role-players who understand the human and organizational dynamics, business context, and industry challenges.
  • Feedback: Our delivery team share immediate feedback for leaders to understand their impact and refine their approach.


Forum Theatre

A significant feature in the programs we deliver is Forum Theatre and Role Play.

Our Business Role Players (BRPs) are versatile, professionally trained actors with experience in commercial, public, and not-for-profit business sectors.  They challenge participants because they are trained in behavioural observation and are extensively briefed on your business background. 

With the use of researched, tailored roleplay scenarios our BRP’s ensure your leaders face real-life tests.  They will experience all the emotions and thoughts they would in that situation, in a challenging yet supportive environment.  They are trained to give effective feedback on the behaviours participants displayed and the impact they had.

Forum Theatre is a hands-on, simulation between our BRPs and the audience, based on scenarios from your environment.  Our BRPs recreate a challenging scenario in front of the participants, who can then interact with the BRPs to understand their mindset and how their behaviour has been influenced, before taking their turn in the ‘hot seat’ to run through the scenario.

Colin Hunter

Creating playground to disrupt the way people are led.

Colin Hunter is an Author, Mentor, Coach, and the Founder and CEO of PotentialSquared.  

Colin set up PotentialSquared over 20 years ago. He believes that relearning failure as a valuable outcome makes for an outstanding and successful leader. 

Author of Be More Wrong: How Failure Makes You an Outstanding Leader and host of The Leadership Tales Podcast, Colin believes in creating measurable playgrounds to disrupt the way people are led by disrupting how they engage and develop their people.

He aims to inspire new ways of thinking and help build systems and habits to transform leaders growth.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality for Leadership Development

Being able to witness how your team members deal with high-pressured environments is vital to your organisation’s development.

And it is normally very difficult to test.

VR has progressed immeasurably in the past few years, and we can help you bridge traditional geographical barriers and bring teams together in immersive VR experiences.

Our solutions are designed to challenge teams and individuals to communicate, plan, organise, collaborate, and solve problems using cutting-edge virtual reality platforms.