Leadership Workouts

Are your leaders struggling to connect and communicate with their team and their customers?  Does your leadership team need to develop it’s resilience to face the challenging world we live in? Are you worried about the strength of your leadership capabilities and pipeline?

Our tailored Leadership Development Workouts cover a range of topics to boost the skills and habits of your leaders, providing solutions to any emerging leadership challenges that arise. 

Programs are available for all levels of leadership and all functional backgrounds. Delivered globally, virtually or face-to-face, coupled with self-learning.

Leadership Impact

Designed to allow leaders to have more impactful conversations. Leaders will understand how they can show up in the right way, develop engaged connections, and to lead with greater conviction.


Develop coaching skills that help embed a culture of intentional learning in your teams. Leaders will get the chance to practice coaching and leave with an understanding and experience of navigating coaching conversations.


Learn how to lead your team with purpose, with clear measures of success, and build a learning culture based on experimentation and psychological safety. All of this enables leaders to improve the engagement of their team and the results they produce.


Develop a performance culture based on impactful conversations, feedback loops, and clear measures of progress. Leaders will develop habits and skills that empower their team and enable them to communicate with clarity.

“PotentialSquared has consistently delivered high-impact leadership workshops over a number of years, which had a meaningful impact on leaders’ confidence and capabilities, enhancing leadership culture and team engagement.”

Ian Holmes

Global Head of Learning & Talent Development, Pictet Group

“The role plays were a revelation. I found solutions to my weaknesses.”

“The Performance module I found very impactful, in building a continuous conversation focused on psychological safety and career development.”

Leadership guides

Download our guides to elevate your Leadership skills.