Peer Coaching Circles

Do you want to build peer coaching networks or groups internally, or externally, to your organization? Are you being challenged on per-head executive coaching budgets? Are you seeing the benefits of peer groups coaching each other but unclear how to start?

Be part of an award-winning movement to use peer group coaching as a vehicle to develop confidence, conviction and connection in your leaders, no matter the level.

We provide your leaders with the framework and support to set up and run peer coaching circles in your organization. 

Executive Coaching

Work with a trusted coach and advisor, who will challenge, provoke, support, and encourage your leaders to act and grow personally and professionally.

Peer Group Coaching

Build collaboration and encourage fast learning by establishing peer group coaching across the functional boundaries of your organization.

“Tom is not a traditional coach. After every session, it has given me a lot to reflect over and something new to try out.”

“Ultimately it has made me better in my role”