Tom Heywood

It's putting it lightly to say that Tom has gained a wealth of experience consulting on behalf of the world's most successful and innovative brands. Of course, this hasn't happened by accident. For over twenty years, Tom has used his determination, creativity and relentless curiosity to push boundaries, leading him to well-deserved success.

When it comes to Tom's credentials, the list isn't a short one. Always with a commercial focus in mind, Tom has honed a diverse range of skills. His key areas of expertise include international leadership, the development of high performance teams, strategic and personal change management, executive coaching, leadership assessment, talent management and virtual leadership. Since 1990, he's applied these skills to leading multi-national teams in Europe and North America, as well as acting as a consultant to enhance leadership in blue chip companies worldwide.

Today, Tom works with industry leaders to drive the development of commercial behaviours at all levels, spanning a range of industry sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, R&D, education, FMCG and the public sector. His current clients include Barclays Capital, NetApp, Sharp Corporation, BBC, The Nielsen Company, HSBC and Pitney Bowes.

"It's important to be authentic in what you do and to feel like you are a part of a strong sense of purpose," says Tom. "This requires constantly building rapport, being observant of those around you and always valuing the relationships you form along the way."

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