Sharon Hardcastle

For the past twenty years, Sharon has been busy transforming organisations from the ground up. Working across a wide range of industries, she prides herself on bringing rigour and structure to the most dynamic and entrepreneurial of companies. And she’s more than proven that she can.

As Chief Operating Officer, Sharon has earned her title and then some. Blending her skills in innovation, change and operations, she will be working to build on our global footprint – making it even bigger as a result. Hailing from Yorkshire and based in Singapore, she creates a laboratory for new products and approaches, with a focus on commercially successful results. As someone who was pivotal in the success of First Direct’s telephone banking and transition to Internet banking, one of the financial services most disruptive innovations, she's certainly up for the challenge. 

Professionally, Sharon’s has demonstrated her strength in bridging creativity with commercially practical clients including Barclays, HSBC Group, Deutsche Bank, Akamai, and Accenture, and a large number of start-ups and SMEs. Personally, her love of travel, culture and unique perspectives makes her an ideal fit for what will be a transformational period for Potential Squared. 

“Success for me is a journey, through which we can continue to discover and develop breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. It is not only internal; it is something to be shared to help others generate more,” says Sharon. “Like my Potential Squared colleagues, I don’t stop when I achieve a single goal. I keep travelling.”

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