Blog: Meet Stephen Buck

BLOG: Meet Stephen Buck…

Meet Stephen Buck – Part of the P2 team.


What do you do at P2?

I have recently been promoted to the Head of Products and Platforms, where I refine and develop our products as well as the platforms we use for delivery. I also work closely with our incredible Delivery Team and Clients, and our wonderful Partners – whose products also make up some of our offerings and capability.


What is your favourite leadership quote?

“It is all on you, but not about you.” – Jocko Willink


What are the values that drive you?

Integrity, Honesty, Diligence. Resilience, and Compassion – to name a few!

Name your top 3 favourite Podcasts, Books, TV shows or Films?

I do love a good podcast, and given the quote above it’s probably unsurprising that one of my favourite podcasts is Jocko Podcast. Another favourite of mine is Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, he has some fascinating guests on the show and covers such a diverse range of interesting topics! I’ll round this list out with a TV Show (Netflix counts right?!) and go with Afterlife – and not just because it’s filmed partly in the town where I live (Hemel Hempstead if you’re wondering)!


What do you like about working at P2?

Where do I start?! I guess that first and foremost I love the team we have here. I have great relationships with everyone here at P2, and also with our Delivery Team, our Partners, and our Clients! I’m also very grateful for the autonomy given not only to me but to all of the team. There’s a strong foundation of trust across the business, which has definitely improved since we made the decision to go virtual from January 2020 – perfectly timed given the pandemic that hit 3-months later! The final thing that I‘ll mention is that I love what we do. Since I joined the Royal Marine Cadets at 13, I developed a great interest in the military and leadership in general, and being able to (hopefully!) pass that on to others whilst continuing to learn is an incredible opportunity!


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I’m a huge advocate for exercise and enjoy going to the gym and getting out for a run at the weekend (although I wouldn’t necessarily say I enjoy running…). I love to read also, but my TBR pile seems to be ever-increasing! The final thing I’ll mention is that I play paintball! It’s definitely an unusual sport to play which is often met with some interesting looks and the usual “so you run around the woods?” question, but there’s a whole other side to paintball than the typical birthday party and stag-do that people generally know it by. I’ve been playing for 8-years now, and have competed in the UK and also across Europe!


What is your Pi2-Leadership style from our Assessment Lite?

My top Pi2-Leadership style is Catalyst apparently! I still have a lot to learn when it comes to coaching, but I’m quite comfortable in being a mentor where I can share my own experiences to help guide others.


The Pi2-Leadership Model views leaders’ actions and habits through the lenses of:

1. THE HOST – the ability to bring people together, engage them to build psychological safety.
2. THE ENERGIZER – through compelling stories and personal energy leading others towards a vision.
3. THE DISRUPTOR – delivering fresh new ideas that have an impact through experiments and challenge.
4. THE CATALYST – raising performance and potential through coaching and mentoring.


If you’d like to discover your leadership style – take our Assessment Lite quiz now.