Our clients aren't exactly surprised when we tell them that we're always looking for innovative ways to engage with them both globally and closer to home. So while it may not be breaking news that we've found an innovative way for clients to more affordably partake in our services - it is good news none-the-less.

After a lengthy accreditation process, we're pleased to announce that Potential Squared is now a Cogent Assured Provider, specialising in the delivery of Workforce Development (Skills for Growth).

What does this mean? In their words, Cogent has an assured network of providers throughout the country who meet rigorous standards, ensuring high quality training across the entire science sector. They promote the availability of employer-backed training solutions, supporting new entrants into the sector, and boosting skills transferability.

In other words, they help us to bring our solutions to science-based organisations, and they make sure that the UK government chips in. While we know that recognition from Cogent is a reflection of the quality of the services we provide, this isn't about us. Our new status means that any science-based organisation in the UK, including Pharma, R&D, and technology, can apply for refunds on our course fee from the UK government.

If you think your business could be eligible, please drop us a line.