In my Huffington Post column, I interviewed Jamie Smart, author of the business bestseller, Clarity: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results. The book has been heralded as inspiring, not only by the wider business community, but by the Potential Squared team too.

We asked Smart about his source of inspiration for writing the book, which includes author Sydney Banks: “Six years ago I completely changed the direction of what I was working in. I discovered the principles of clarity. Understanding these principles made a profound difference, not just on me but on my clients.”

It’s for this reason that we chose Smart as the subject of our latest column, offering insight into spring-cleaning the mind, and achieving perfect clarity and ‘automatic mindfulness’ as a result.

“The fundamental point of clarity is that if you gain an understanding of how your mind works, you will have less interference, less anxiety, less pressure and more peace of mind.” If you ask us, perfect clarity makes perfect sense.

Read the full interview with Jamie Smart in our latest Huffington Post column. For more information on how you can achieve clarity, contact us today.