Celebrating today’s up and coming leaders, Passion and Purpose: Stories from the Best and Brightest Young Business Leaders, addressed with the key issues they face today, ranging from globalisation to sustainability. 

Written by John Coleman, Daniel Gulati and W. Oliver Segovia and published in 2012, this page-turner remains highly relevant today. It follows dozens of Harvard Business School MBAs as they make their way in an ever-changing world, dealing with challenges that are unlike those of any generation before them. Combining personal stories with quantitative survey results from over 500 students, it sheds a fascinating light on their aspirations and motivations. 

What may surprise some is that the main motivator for many of today’s young business leaders goes beyond the size of their pay packet. In fact, the majority are more interested in trying to make a positive difference in the world. And most think they can. What these leaders have in common is how passionate they are about their ability to make change happen. Whether you believe in their drive or put it down to youthful optimism, Coleman, Gulati and Segovia have been effective in representing the views of a broad range of tomorrow’s leaders, and – all in all – the future looks bright.

Perhaps the Financial Times summed it up best when they wrote: “what all of these contributors’ share is idealism and hope that is on the whole infectious, and makes [this] an upbeat, enjoyable read – as well as a useful one.”