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BLOG: Meet Colin Hunter – CEO at P2

Welcome to our first Q&A style ‘Meet the P2 team’ blog.

Colin started his first Leadership Consultancy business in 2001. In 2007 PotentialSqaured was born. Over the next decade, the P2 team doubled in size and expanded globally across the US, Asia, and Europe. In 2019 P2 became a fully virtual business and in 2020, pivoted to 100% virtual delivery. Here are a few fun facts about our founder Mr. Colin Hunter, CEO at PotentialSquared.

What do you do at P2? 

I am the Chief Executive Officer.  Chief squirrel in searching for new ways of operating or new products. Guide to new ways of working in the organization so we practice what we preach – Being More Wrong. Ambassador for our business – building and sustaining our brand identity through purposeful practice of our values.


What do you like about working at P2? 

I love the quirky nature of all of our backgrounds and how that mix translates into humour, fresh ideas, and banter!


Favourite leadership quote: “Knowledge speaks, Wisdom listens” – Jimi Hendrix.


Name your top 3 favourite Podcasts, Books, TV shows or Films?

Lord of the Rings, James Clear – Atomic Habits, West Wing.


What is a challenge our clients have to deal with – that you want to fix? 

The leadership challenge at the moment is mentioned in one of my favourite books, “Be More Pirate”. It is challenging the long-held norms of what is acceptable from leadership, and crafting our own ‘Pirate Code’ that challenges those norms.


What are the values that drive you?

The biggest value for me is ‘Pay it forward’. The desire to start a movement that sees the value in giving to others before we expect to receive. The second most important value to me is ‘Build it and they will come’. Having a clear focus on building a business that attracts people to us vs. having to make them want to work or buy from us.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Cycling and traveling are two of my passions. If I could be cycling up Mont Ventoux in the warmth of the South of France, followed by a nice bottle of Bordeaux, you would find me at my happiest.


What is your Pi2-Leadership style from our Pi2 Assessment Lite quiz?

Energizer is my strongest and Catalyst is my weakest leadership style.

The Pi2-Leadership Model views leaders’ actions and habits through the lenses of:


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