PODCAST: Colin talks about Design Thinking Methodology and Leadership…

Podcast - Leadership

Colin joins David Knies on the Agents of Innovation podcast.


Innovation in sports is about finding new ways to unlocking higher levels of human performance. Like the world of sports, as the world of business continues to become more competitive, leaders are looking to find marginal gains that give them an edge wherever they can. Companies looking to improve their ability to innovate often look to the world of sports for insight and inspiration.

Colin’s business was created to inspire leaders by disrupting the way they engage and develop their people, pioneering the concept of “creating playgrounds” to inspire new habits and ways of thinking.

Dave and Colin explore the “executive athlete” archetype, how vulnerability, openness, and emotional intelligence are crucial traits for every leader, and why leaders who look to drive peak performance without a high EQ not only won’t succeed – they will fail spectacularly. They also dig into Colin’s new book, Be More Wrong, and how it brings together the concepts of the Hero’s Journey, Design Thinking methodology, storytelling, personal resilience, psychological safety, strategic presence, and the blended skills of coaching and mentoring into a leadership framework.


Listen to the episode here: