P2 an J8 partnership announcement

NEWS: PotentialSquared and Jenson8 bring VR to global leadership development

March 26, 2021

P2 and Jenson8 partner to transform leadership development through Virtual Reality. The new VR for leaders’ product set includes solutions for hiring, assessing and developing leadership capability.

Colin Hunter, CEO at PotentialSquared says “We are delighted to offer our new experiential VR series of products, especially as businesses have faced so many people challenges’ in the last year. With 1 91% of business organizations already leveraging or planning to adopt VR or AR technology, it’s time to add VR learning into your employee development plans. It is the future, it’s sustainable, scalable and can be deployed rapidly and repeatedly to decrease training time, whilst increasing learning effectiveness. The Jenson8 immersive learning platform can help businesses tackle some of the most important leadership challenges of today, such as, identifying soft skills, talent retention and improving employee engagement. VR learning can be delivered anywhere, anytime, in any country in the world”.

Jena Davidson, founder and CEO of Jenson8 says “We developed our immersive learning platform based on the experience I gained over a 20-year career in leadership development, coaching, and mentoring global fortune 1000 executive teams. As my business evolved, I realized that global teams were becoming physically separated,” said Davidson. “Although remotely located, they still needed to learn by doing. Nothing existed in the marketplace, so we created our VR platform to scale and meet the need.” The Jenson8 platform is cloud-based and provides an extremely engaging environment that feels real to the participants and supports assessment, coaching, leadership, team building, and other L&D elements”.

For more information on this partnership, you can email info@potential2.com. Find out more about our VR products.

About PotentialSquared

PotentialSquared are a leadership consulting firm, specializing in high impact leadership assessment and development solutions. Working in true partnership with our clients, we create an immersive, virtual and measurable playground, where learning experiences uncover innovators and future leaders.

About Jenson8

Jenson8 is transforming the corporate and professional development markets using virtual reality (VR) to go beyond digital to bring content to life! Backed by machine learning, artificial intelligence, and validated psychometrics, their multiple immersive applications enable your most valuable asset, your people, to learn by doing rather than simply seeing or hearing. Coaching, assessment, team building, leadership, and professional development are measured and taught in an engaging environment. The Jenson8 Apollo platform has delivered real experiences virtually to some of the world’s leading global fortune 1000 companies.

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