Colin Hunter on A SEAT at THE TABLE Podcast

PODCAST: Colin Hunter on A SEAT at The TABLE Podcast with Jane Singer

June 7, 2021

Why Embracing Failure is the Path to Better Leadership


Never in recent times has leadership been put to the test the way it has during the past year.

Suddenly managers found themselves not only facing unprecedented business conditions, but they also needed to work with teams that were now working from home.

Navigating these challenging circumstances was the perfect opportunity for executives to develop new leadership skills.  To learn fast, take risks, and test boundaries – without the fear of failure.

Who better to speak with now as we head into the next phase of the ‘pandemic era’ than Colin Hunter, CEO of PotentialSquared, which specializes in using virtual reality technology to help leaders reveal and learn from their true behaviors and habits.

Colin is set to release the much anticipated, “Be More Wrong: How Failure Makes You An Outstanding Leader”, which uncovers the systems, habits, and practices executives need in order to develop critical leadership skills and learn fast.

It brings together multiple concepts including The Hero’s Journey, Design Thinking Methodology, storytelling, personal resilience, psychological safety, strategic presence, and the blended skills of coaching and mentoring into a leadership framework.


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