Our Team

Refreshing & Direct

Bringing freshness and directness to our conversations no matter how challenging.

Energised & Hungry

Bringing front foot energy to our role and hungry to learn every day.

Humble & Smart

Leaving our egos at the door as we collaborate through observations and insights to solve problems.

Meet the PotentialSquared Team:

Tracey Harrison
Tracey-Joy Harrison is a member of the Advisory Board at PotentialSquared. Tracey was a partner at Ernst and Young LLP and Managing Director at Accenture. She is a Director of UCAS Media, a Trustee of The Royal Anniversary Trust, and the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre. 

Tracey Harrison

Advisory Board Member

Colin is passionate about creating a playground to disrupt the way people are led, through award-winning leadership, personal and innovation development programmes. As the Founder and CEO of PotentialSquared, he is driven by that purpose, to help his clients sustain a pipeline of leaders, ready to lead in the future.

Colin Hunter


Sharon creates an environment for new products and approaches, with a focus on commercially successful events. As COO, she demonstrates her strengths in bridging creativity with practical solutions both internally and for clients.

Sharon Hardcastle


Ian’s purpose is to stir up Leaders’ appreciation and awareness of themselves and their potential. Challenge, Perspective, Pace, and Humour characterise Ian’s approach to leading client solutions and delivering through a vibrant, talented team. Ian is MD Asia Pacific and Head of Product Design for PotentialSquared.

Ian Moore

MD Asia Pacific and Head of Product Design

As Head of Finance, Karen’s relationships span from our internal Team and Associates to our Suppliers and Clients. Karen applies logic and structure to support all the financial processes of the business, making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Karen Stevenson

Head of Finance

Andrew Deller
Andrew is an experienced Lead Consultant who specialises in designing and delivering a wide range of organisational people change, management and leadership development, and Executive Coaching initiatives within the Financial Services industry. He strives to understand the organisational and commercial drivers that exist as he seeks to bring about effective and lasting change.

Andrew Dellar


Charlotte is committed to unlocking the power of effective communication in corporate leaders. As co-founder and COO of Performance Role Play Training, she works to hear the clients ‘wants’, balances it with the unspoken ‘needs’ and then offers a solution. If she isn’t having fun, she doesn’t see the point.

Charlotte Butler


As Account Manager, Charlotte manages global clients and associates ensuring they are aligned and prepared for all training programmes. Highly organised and efficient she applies this to her role to ensure delivery is smooth and timely.

Charlotte Wren

Client Service Account Manager

Doug is a business role-player, he takes great pride in being a vehicle for clients’ growth in realistic role-plays. He specialises in bespoke role-play, so delegates can practice communication skills for their real-life business challenges.

Doug Shapiro


Having worked for PotentialSquared for 7 years as Finance Administrator, Heidi Lancefield applies her attention to detail and accuracy to supporting the business in the smooth running of financials

Heidi Lancefield

Finance Operations & Logistics Manager

Jacqueline believes that learning is a continuous process, 活到老,学到老. As a facilitator, she creates a safe space for participants to create, explore and discover. Just like a mirror, she helps participants to see more of themselves, highlighting their strengths and reflecting on possibilities.

Jacqueline Chow


Judy as a Role Player and Facilitator remains committed to creating a space for people to be successful and thrive. Specialising in driving authentic engagement and courageous conversations, with her effective feedback, she is willing to stretch and challenge delegates to explore their potential for long term growth.

Judy Ditchfield


Karen is a global business consultant, executive coach, and facilitator with more than 25 years of experience. She specialises in cultural competency, communication, leadership and management development and conflict management. She has an exceptional ability to connect authentically with her clients, enabling her to fully address their needs and goals.

Karen Eisenthal


Kathy operates as a coach, consultant, and trainer. She is authentic and genuine with an intuitive rapport, and exhibits expertise that clients highly value. Her work is underpinned by her focus on language and its ability to influence customers linked to the knowledge that people remember how you make them feel.

Kathy Stiff


From her many years in event management, Kelly brings organisational rigour, great interpersonal skills, and a love for a project deadline or two into her role as EA and HR Support.

Kelly Johnson

EA & HR Support

With years of experience working in Financial Services and Automotive Manufacturer Sales, Kevin is enthusiastic and passionate about client experiences which he brings to his role as Digital Product Manager.

Kevin Allinson

Digital Product Manager

Luke strives to help people effect positive change in their lives. As a Business Role Player he brings a unique set of skills rooted in psychology, performance and behaviour, along with the passionate belief that the BEST way to embed any new learning is through practice, practice, practice!.

Luke Shaw


Lynden Lloyd has been working in personal development since 1997. Working as an Actor with Potential Squared he has a passionate interest in the use of language and behaviour to achieve effective communications and is a strong advocate of experiential training as a means of lasting self-development.

Lynden Edwards


Milda specialises in supporting individuals and organisations through change, as well as leadership development, acquisitions and business integrations. She has a strong belief that by enabling effective conversations, it is possible to create healthy working relationships and deliver real results.

Milda Zinkus


Paul specialises in designing and delivering tailored solutions to support organisational growth and development. Passionate about encouraging ‘real’ conversations, to calls things as they see it, and to have the courage to articulate it, he is known for being a straight-talker and believes that authenticity is the key to inspirational leadership and fruitful relationships.

Paul Whitman


Pavan believes that clear and compassionate communication is key to building, maintaining, and growing any relationship. As a business role-player, he always engages a sense of empathy with the people with whom he is working, while also carefully respecting the commercial priorities of the organisation.



As a coach, consultant, and trainer, Rachel thrives working with individuals and teams to help them recognise their strengths, heighten their awareness, and deliberately practice new thinking and behaviours to achieve higher satisfaction in life and work. Using the most recent behavioural psychology, the solutions always appeal to the individual and have business impact.

Rachel Gorman


As Account Manager, Sharon manages global client projects and events, providing planning and logistical support, through effective client and associate relationships. She is passionate about providing outstanding customer service and leverages her time management, organisational skills, and experience to deliver on this aspect at all times.

Sharon Stone

Client Service Account Manager

Shivani is an internationally experienced Trainer, Coach, and Consultant. She has a passion for helping mid to senior-level professionals understand how best they can elevate their abilities to reach the next professional milestone in their career, through imparting the necessary tools, facilitation, and training that bring about the right results.

Shivani Bhagi


Simon has spent the last 15 years designing and delivering high-quality training and facilitation for companies all around the globe. His warm, open, informal yet pragmatic style combined with a passion to engage and challenge people has helped him be a fundamental part of developing excellent leaders and communicators.

Simon Westwood


Stephen’s eye for detail intuitive nature meant he was well placed to drive our digital efforts as we begin to digitise our business and programmes. Working closely with clients, Stephen drives the structure and design of our online learning experiences as Digital Platform Manager.

Stephen Buck

Digital Platform Manager

Steve Baker Having personally experienced the impact of a great leadership development programme at the beginning of his career, Steve is driven to create the same impact within his clients’ organisations, focusing particularly on mind-sets, beliefs and their effect on behaviour.

Steve Baker


Tom is a senior leadership development specialist with 25 years experience. He offers high challenge coaching and consultancy to individuals and teams. His areas of expertise include supporting leaders to develop leadership behaviour & authentic brand; clarify purpose, vision & values; engage others in embedding strategy and create a high performance culture.

Tom Heywood


As a seasoned HR professional, Van understands the pressure and expectation that comes with building leadership and people development programs. In her role as Head of Client Development, she works closely with business leaders to scope and enable delivery of digital, virtual and classroom learning solutions that create change and deliver measurable impact.

Van Jennison

Head of Client Development

A specialist in organisational cultural transformation, change management, strategic planning and teambuilding. Woon’s focus is on inspiring and energising clients to succeed on their own terms. Woon pulls on over 20 years’ experience to deliver effective solutions to companies in wide-ranging industries from digital mobile to health and public institutions.

Woon Peng Ziady


Creating impact and proving ROI from leadership, teaam and personal development programs is tough. At Potential Squared, we build and deliver high impact solutions that have measurable ROI for you and the organization you serve.