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December 7, 2021

Colin Hunter on reframing networking & mentorship in order to help others rise



Have you ever been to a networking event, a meeting, or a party where there was a room full of people that you didn’t really know? To most, that scenario is a pretty awkward one. Colin Hunter provides some incredible wisdom on how to navigate these moments through focusing on others, where you will not only conquer that situational social anxiety, but you will also become a magnetic force for good.


In this episode, you’ll hear Colin authentically share why it’s so important to know how to communicate your own story, especially how you have practically overcome the pain points in your life. Colin also speaks passionately about training up mentors in order to help underrepresented leaders rise up. This show is for the individual who wants to re-frame their leadership journey and focus it back on others. Applying the practices and methodology that Colin presents could be the key to helping you find more fulfillment as a leader – while helping change others’ lives.




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