Leadership Development Consultancy

Bespoke and totally flexible leadership development.

We are on a mission to help you invest in leaders that future generations will be proud of.

Each of our clients is different.

Your needs vastly differ to those of the last client partner we started working with.

And we are not interested in delivering one-size-fits-all Leadership Development:  they are a false economy and none of our partners should settle for “out of the box.”

Our flexible consultative approach helps us facilitate the growth in leaders, and organizational cultures that you deserve.

We consult across a range of projects: from small-scale immediate challenges to the implementation of organization-wide initiatives.

PotentialSquared differs from other Leadership Development companies in that we are bold enough to tell you the truth – even if you may not want to hear it!  We value deep partnerships and it’s this radical candour and reliance on refreshingly direct conversations that helps us develop long-term client relationships.

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