NEWS: ‘Be More Wrong’ is out now

September 21, 2021

We are very excited to share the news that our own Colin Hunter’s first book has been published and is available to order now. All the team here at P2 are so proud to have been a part of this wonderful adventure!

What if you could build a workplace culture that was less like a classroom, and more like a playground: a place filled with opportunities to take risks and test boundaries, with soft ground on which to fall?

Relearning failure as a valuable outcome makes for an outstanding and successful leader. Building from your insecurities is essential to leadership. So if you suffer from imposter syndrome or you’re serious about creating an environment that fosters innovation, then this book is for you.


Here’s what some of the P2 team had to say about Be More Wrong.


“Many books oversimplify the challenges of Leadership, offering snake-oil solutions. Be More Wrong in contrast confronts the paradoxes and dilemmas all leaders face. For those who are prepared to put in the practice and hard work it provides practical ways forward to tackle these challenges.”

Ian Moore, Product Support and Delivery Manager


Whether you’re just starting out in business in a team or as an entrepreneur, or have been around for a long time, this book familiarises the reader with failure, literally humanising it and makes it less daunting and more definable, thus removing its sting and showing that the best companies (and individuals) make mistakes.


Chris Hamilton, Head of Sales 



Here’s Colin explaining the three main principles of the Be More Wrong concept.






Order your copy now.