PRESS RELEASE: P2 Accredited as a Sponsor Organization by NASBA.

P2 Accredited as a Sponsor Organization by NASBA.

NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) supports the 55 USA State Boards of Accountancy who provide qualifications, licences to practice, and regulations for Certified Accountants.

They also support Certified Professional Accountants (CPAs) by providing resources, advice, conferences, and a register of Sponsor Organizations.

A Sponsor Organization provides training that meets the NASBA standards for awarding Continuous Professional Education (CPE) credits.

More about the registry –

What does this mean for PotentialSquared?

By becoming a Sponsor Organization, it provides evidence of the quality of our programs. In order to gain accreditation as a Sponsor Organization, we have had to demonstrate best practices and high standards – not only in the quality of the delivery but also in the rigor of our supporting processes and systems.

It’s an additional offering to our clients so that their finance/audit employees can continue their professional development and use their attendance on PotentialSquared programs as evidence of that. Predominantly this applies to Accountants based in the USA, but it is possible that people are based anywhere in the world if their professional qualification has been awarded in the USA and this is where they log their CPE credits.

What does this mean for our clients?

It means that participants can use attendance at one of our programs to demonstrate their continuing professional development. This enables our partner organizations to demonstrate their commitment to support their employees’ development as a finance professional.

What is the purpose of Continuing Professional Education?

This is required so that CPAs can maintain or improve their professional competence and provide quality professional services.

PotentialSquared has been accredited to award CPE credits for delivering Group Internet Based (GIB), in other words, our virtual programs, and live in-person programs. We deliver programs on Professional Development including development workshops, audit academies, development centers, and ad hoc workshops.

Sharon Hardcastle, COO of PotentialSquared says;

We are thrilled to be a Sponsor Organization of NASBA. The team have worked incredibly hard to gain this accreditation and we look forward to delivering our programs both online and in person to provide continued professional development for our clients and their employees.