For the past decade, Colin has worked in the field of commercial behavioural change. He prides himself on being 'refreshingly direct' and following a 'profit is freedom' mindset.

Tom's expertise includes talent management, international leadership, developing high performance teams, change management, executive coaching and leadership assessment.

Blending her skills in innovation, change and operations, Sharon is working to build on our global footprint – making it even bigger as a result.                     

A great believer in a positive work ethic balanced with a humorous curiosity, Ian understands the importance of maintaining a clear perspective on challenges and achievements.

Annalisa has gained over 15 years experience working in events planning, reputation management and marketing, working with leading organisations such as Vodafone and Capital Consulting.

George co-ordinates projects across Asia for clients such as Black Rock, Fidelity and HSBC.  He says, “my aim is to quickly develop an authentic and collaborative relationship with our clients."

Paul is known for being a straight talker who believes that authenticity is the key to inspirational leadership and fruitful relationships.  He loves to strike up bold conversations that result in meaningful feedback.

Andrew has gained over 15 years of commercial experience, specialising in designing and delivering a wide range of change initiatives within the Financial Services industry.  

A talented learning and development professional and executive coach, Jennifer specialises in designing and delivering programmes in leadership and management development and behavioural change. 

Starting out on Sainsbury’s Graduate Management Scheme in 1979, Kathy has built vast and practical experience in strategy, operations and customer service.

An expert in leadership development, organisational change, and acquisitions and business integrations, her speciality is supporting individuals and organisations through change.

MaryAnn’s expertise and passion lies in supporting leaders to develop their executive presence and emotional intelligence to create engaged and successful teams. 

An experienced professional coach and facilitator, Teresa has worked across the private, public and voluntary sectors for over 20 years, taking advantage of the opportunity to work around the world in the UK, Europe and the US. 

Simon prides himself on facilitating breakthroughs.  As a qualified SDI practitioner and an experienced leadership and change consultant, he has been delivering high quality communication and behavioural skills training for over 15 years.

Woon Peng Ziady

Woon Peng Ziady

Consultant - Africa

Based in South Africa and Singapore, Woon’s focus is on inspiring and energising clients to succeed on their own terms.  She is a specialist in organisational cultural transformation, change management, strategic planning and teambuilding. Having worked and lived on four continents, Woon pulls on 20 years’ experience to deliver effective solutions to companies in wide-ranging industries from digital mobile to health and public institutions.  She is fluent in both English and Mandarin.

Karen Eisenthal

Karen Eisenthal

Consultant - North America

Thriving on facilitating 'aha!' moments, when the combination of theory, skill-building and practice enables clients to tackle their toughest work challenges, Karen is a highly effective leadership consultant.  Specialising in cultural competency, communication and leadership development and with more than 20 years of experience working with US and international companies, Karen has an exceptional ability to connect authentically with her clients, enabling her to fully address their needs and goals.  Her current clients include HSBC and Accenture.

Sinead Healy

Sinead is an experienced leadership and change consultant and coach.  With an impressive career managing large business areas in financial, travel and retail sectors, focusing on people change and engagement, Sinead has designed and delivered a wide range of programmes such as succession planning, talent management and new line manager training.  Sinead is based in the UK and her current clients include Accenture, HSBC and the BBC.

Judy Ditchfield

Judy is an exceptional business role player who blends a passion for her craft with a passion for people development.  Her ability to bring role plays and simulations to life ensures her clients are able to practice their skills and behaviours in a non-threatening environment, returning to the workplace with new expertise, ready to make a difference.  Based in South Africa, Judy’s recent clients have included Vodafone and Accenture.

Luke Shaw

Luke has a background in acting spanning 20 years (recently appearing in 12 Angry Men in the West End) and has 18 years of commercial training experience both in the public and private sector. Having trained in over 80 different businesses, Luke's experience allows him to understand and fully immerse himself in the culture of an organisation, providing realistic roles with which clients are able to practise new skills. Luke also practises as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and finds it is his interest in people that drives his desire to work well in all areas of his professional life.

Pavan Singh

Based in Singapore, Pavan has over 15 years of acting experience in theatre, film and television.  In the corporate world, Pavan uses his finely honed acting skills in business role play and forum theatre to facilitate the learning and development of our clients.  Pavan’s recent clients have included Accenture, Standard Chartered and Prudential.

Jocelyn Broderick

Jocelyn Broderick

Business Role Player - Africa

With over 30 years professional acting experience on stage, TV and in movies, award-winning Jocelyn Broderick is an invaluable member of our business role player team.  With a passion for change and development and bilingual in English and Afrikaans, Jocelyn has extensive experience worldwide as a business role player. She delivers highly effective business simulations for our clients. Based in South Africa, Jocelyn most recently worked with our client, Accenture, in South America.

Jacqueline Chow

With a Masters from the National University of Singapore Business School, Jacqueline Chow draws from her business background and her acting experience (over 10 years in TV, film and corporate role play) to bring business simulations to life in an authentic and detailed way. Having lent her expertise, both as a business role player and facilitator, to corporate training programmes for Accenture, AT Kearney, Barclays, British High Commission Regional Training Centre, Citigroup, HSBC, Roll Royce and  Standard Chartered, Jacqueline provides the opportunity for clients to practice their developing skills and receive feedback in a safe environment.

A highly accomplished stage and screen actress and award-winning singer and recording artist, Deborah’s career spans over 40 years. She enjoys helping others to discover their own abilities to communicate and interact in a more effective way in their work environments. Her clients include Accenture, Akamai, Citi and HSBC.

With a career spanning over 25 years, Doug takes pride in being a vehicle for our clients’ growth in realistic role-plays. Doug specialises in bespoke role-play and has been instrumental in the successful impact we’ve had with our clients including Accenture, Akamai and HSBC.