VR learning tackles covid challenges

BLOG: VR for Leaders tackles Covid related challenges

P2 Team

April 7, 2021

It has been a tough and turbulent time for many organizations over the last year, businesses have had to adapt and evolve. Like you, we have also pivoted to total virtual delivery, and have developed new and improved products that will help you prepare for whatever challenges lay ahead.

Working closely with our clients has helped us truly understand how the pandemic has practically affected the development of their people. And we all know that people make organizations great! In research conducted by 1 SmartSurvey (71%) company executives believe employee engagement is crucial to business success. With all of the upheaval and change of remote working, I am sure that these challenges sound familiar:

VR to the rescue

Companies are facing a growing 2 soft skills gap. A recent study by 3 PPI in the US found that 59% of surveyed hiring managers and 89% of executives reported difficulty recruiting candidates with the requisite soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and leadership. This skillset is exactly what businesses need in times of uncertainty, and with remote working becoming the norm. How can leaders help their teams develop these vital skills, in the absence of in-person training?

Virtual Reality is the hero of the hour.

Not only do 4 virtual learners complete training 4x faster than classroom training, but they are also 275% more confident to apply skills learned and 3.75x more emotionally connected to the content. This means that VR development can be deployed rapidly and repeatedly to decrease the training cycle time, whilst increasing learning effectiveness.

You can use VR to hire, assess and develop leadership capability. Imagine an immersive, virtual and measurable simulation that challenges teams to meet their learning and development goals. Participants must communicate, plan, organize, collaborate, and solve problems within a VR environment.

5 91% of business organizations are already leveraging or planning to adopt VR or AR technology. And 6 70% of professionals believe that organizations will focus on adopting VR/AR in training and development in 2021. This immersive style of learning is now a practical and cost-effective reality.

Participants will gain real-time feedback with access to subject matter experts, facilitated breakout sessions, and Dynamic Psychometrics. Our VR for Leaders product, powered by Jenson8, is an ultra-realistic experience. A high-stakes environment that reveals participants’ true strengths and weaknesses by doing (not merely talking), which can be done anywhere, anytime, and in any country in the world.

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