The P2 team tests Virtual Reality learning for leaders.

BLOG: P2 tests Virtual Reality learning for leaders

P2 Team

April 30, 2021

As the P2 team set out to test our new Virtual Reality product (VR for leaders), you could hear the enthusiasm, the pent-up excitement, and the confusion as we put on our Oculus Quest 2 headsets. At P2, we deliver high-impact leadership assessment and development solutions, and this product delivered. It was immersive, virtual, and measurable – with a pinch of fun.

Once we had set up our virtual boundary, we became fully immersed in our virtual reality scenario – where team relationships, listening skills, accountability, and problem-solving are all put to the test. Who will thrive under pressure, who will crumble, who will be totally overwhelmed by the challenging environment and its mission! Who knows! And that is the intriguing part, this way of learning is new and exciting. So many skills and behaviors start to come into play almost immediately, you might not even recognize yourself!

As we progress through the simulation, you can really appreciate how VR learning can practically assist with talent acquisition, succession planning, leadership development, and team engagement. Being able to see how individuals deal with high pressured environments is vital and normally difficult to test.

Remote teams have also been starved of the small interactions, like a quick chat over a cuppa. The VR simulation allows you and your teams to work on a task together (if you choose), within a virtually connected platform, it feels so real and great to connect again in that way.

VR learning allows learning by doing, with task repetition — which builds proficiency. That’s why VR learners completed training 1 x4 faster than in the classroom and also why they are 3.75x more emotionally connected to the content. With our Apollo simulation, four players complete a virtual challenge with little or no guidance. The second team of four players act as guides. The facilitators observe and give real-time feedback on team and individual behaviors. This cutting-edge technology, alongside psychometrics, delivers authentic insights you wouldn’t normally see, it also provides measurable improvements quickly. You can really see the growth of individuals and teams throughout the process.

We are delighted to share our new VR for leaders product with our clients, and to partner with the innovative Jenson8. This really is the future of leadership growth, and in this remote world, it is exactly what your leaders need.

Find out how VR for leaders can re-engage, reignite and rebuild your leadership teams for a more dynamic and optimistic future.


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