Pi2 Leadership Development Model

BLOG: The Pi2 Leadership Development Model – help your leaders thrive

February 1, 2021

We know it’s hard to engage and excite your leadership teams during these unusual times. Not only is there the challenge of economic factors, but also the logistical and stylistic change that has been thrust upon us all. Leaders no longer have in-person touchpoints such as 121’s and team huddles. They need to be able to inspire their teams from a distance.


Can you honestly say that the transition has been fully effective? Do you feel you have given your leaders all the tools they need to succeed? If the answer is no, let’s walk you through our Pi2 Leadership Development approach, it is designed to focus on leadership behaviors that enable the team to thrive.


As a leader, you will decide which of these behaviors to use at which points. There are times when you will need to engage your team and connect them with a shared sense of purpose. At other times, you will need to challenge them to take risks and experiment.


When your followers return with the results of their experiments, you can coach and mentor them to help transform their learnings into new capabilities. On the other hand, you could be setting a fire under their backsides, inspiring and driving them to embrace new experiments.


You will find that some of the behaviors in the Pi2-Leadership Model come naturally to you. In fact, one style is likely to be your comfort zone. This often means that the opposite style will be the one that requires you to stretch the most. Understanding this will allow you to focus your practice so that you can end up traveling around the model with ease, as the situation requires.


The Pi2 model injects fresh insight and motivation. Leaders’ actions and habits are viewed through the lenses of:


The Pi2 model gives leaders an LNPS (Leadership Net Promoter Score). Much like the NPS scoring system, one question is asked, ‘How likely would you recommend this leader to a friend or colleague?’. The scoring uses a 0 to 10 scale where 0 = highly unlikely and 10 = highly likely. It gives leaders a numerical score presented on a -100 to +100 scale.


This Leadership Development Program also gives in-depth analysis and 360’ insight into your leaders’ styles. Purpose, Identity, and Presence are the 3 drivers of leaders’ actions. They fuel leaders’ ability to be a Host, an Energiser, a Disruptor, and a Catalyst. Your leaders will come away with tangible long-term plans of action. They will be encouraged to embed systems and habits that will keep them on an upwards trajectory. These programs can be fully tailored and aligned with your organization’s values and leadership frameworks. We can include topics such as:



Pi2 is adaptable and scalable. Our Leadership Academies use immersive simulations, blended virtual platforms with measurable results – so you can clearly see the impact.


Let us design you a program for success. Speak to our team.


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